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Privacy Policy

Who We Are

Public Safety and Economic Growth adheres to the strictest of privacy policies and often signs client-specific confidentiality agreements. We use the information supplied solely to perform and support contact tracing. We never provide confidential data or personal health information to anyone other than those who are required to know from a contact tracing perspective.

Below are some basic practices we follow. We are happy to talk about specific policies you, our clients, may have. Given Public Safety and Economic Growth’s client-focused environment, we are likely able to support most privacy policies, even if the policy is not specifically stated below.

  1. We will not divulge our clients’ names without their permission.
  2. Efforts to locate and communicate with positive cases and close contacts will be carried out in a manner that preserves the confidentiality and privacy of all involved.
  3. When contacting individuals about possible exposure, we will not reveal the identify of the infected person, unless permission has been granted.
  4. Confidential information will not be shared with third parties (e.g., roommates, neighbors, family members).
  5. We will only collect information that is necessary to perform and support contact tracing.
  6. Information collected to support contact tracing will not be used for any other purposes.
  7. Digital records will be stored on a secure information system, and access to these records will be limited only to the people who need the information to perform or support contact tracing.
  8. Our contract tracers are compliant with HIPAA regulations and trained to safeguard your Personal Health Information.

Public Safety and Economic Growth is committed to partnering with our clients and, as such, treats each client as though it were our own company. We protect strategies, internal practices, and results in the same way we would if we were part of the administrative team of the clients for whom we perform contact tracing.

Website Privacy Policy

We also collect data from all website visitors anonymously via Google Analytics, including age and gender demographics. This information is used by us to improve how we present information to our prospective customers, as well as to help us improve the information we provide to our clients.

Visitors can opt-out of the Google Analytics Advertising Features. You can learn more from Google here:


Our contact form collects the information voluntarily entered into available fields: name, email, phone number, organization, location, and message. In addition to entered information, our contact form also collects the date, time and the URL of the page the information was entered through.

If you submit information to our contact form, any information entered and associated metadata (including date, time, and page URL entered on) are retained indefinitely. This is so we know who to respond to and have any relevant information for connecting with you and your contact tracing needs. If you want any of the submitted data deleted, please email contact@pubseg.com.