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End of Public Health Emergency Doesn’t Mean the End of COVID

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Just when it starts to feel like COVID-19 is a thing of the past, along comes a headline like this one: “China’s New COVID Wave Set to See 65 Million Cases a Week.” That headline appeared on the Bloomberg News website on May 22—eleven days after the COVID public health emergency ended in the United […]

Yes, Contact Tracing Still Works in the Fight Against COVID-19

Map of United States with data points to show contacts in different areas, all connected as 1 network.

The words “contact tracing” might no longer be ubiquitous when people talk about limiting the spread of COVID-19, but behind the scenes, this century-old practice remains an extremely effective disease case investigation tool. Just ask the people who are doing it every day. Three years since the onset of COVID-19, PubSEG’s contact tracers are still […]

As Life Returns to Normal, COVID-19 Still a Threat

Woman working from home with mask on

After three years of often dire headlines surrounding COVID-19, we’ve arrived at a state of relative calm when it comes to the virus. COVID is barely mentioned in the news anymore, and most people are going about their lives as they did before the pandemic. A return to normalcy is definitely a good thing. But […]

On 3rd Anniversary of COVID, PubSEG Is Still Finding Ways to Help its Clients

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Three years ago this March, the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in America and changed everything about our day-to-day lives. Communities shut down, businesses floundered, classrooms went dark, lives were lost, and people everywhere struggled to adapt to our “new normal.” Public Safety and Economic Growth (PubSEG) was founded to help organizations cope with those changing times. […]

Overcoming LA County’s Unique Contact Tracing Challenges

Doctor protecting family from diseases

Contact tracing for COVID-19 has presented its share of challenges since the very start of the pandemic, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Los Angeles County. From the beginning, the densely populated county has been extremely vigilant about trying to slow the spread of the virus and protect its residents. This means constantly […]

Remaining HIPAA Compliant And Protecting Privacy Are Always Top Priorities for PubSEG

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Dealing with COVID-19 is stressful enough without also worrying about your protected health information (PHI) being compromised. That’s why every time PubSEG meets with a prospective client about our contact tracing and disease case management services, one of questions we’re inevitably asked is: Are you HIPAA-compliant? We’re proud to say the answer has always been […]

PubSEG Connect is Changing the Face of Contact Tracing

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When PubSEG launched our new contact tracing and disease case investigation platform last fall, we knew it would be a gamechanger for ourselves, our clients, and the communities our clients serve. But we didn’t realize just how much of a gamechanger. “It has definitely surpassed my expectations,” says Dawn Stolte, PubSEG’s Senior VP of Operations. […]

PubSEG Can Help Keep Your City Employees Safe this Winter

Business men and women with Cityscape behind them

Here’s a recent holiday tradition we would all gladly do without: For the third consecutive year, the Christmas season has seen a rapid rise in COVID-19 cases. Fortunately, the numbers aren’t as alarming as during last year’s omicron surge. Still, the U.S. has experienced a steady increase in cases this month, with about 65,000 people […]

PubSEG Continues to Thrive in the Remote Work Environment

Ever since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic, companies across the globe have grappled with the challenges of adapting to remote or hybrid workplaces. Regardless of what happens with COVID in the months and years ahead, it’s clear we’re never going back to the way things were before the pandemic. Companies that never would […]

Now’s Not the Time to Stop Talking About COVID

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For years, people have been warned to avoid talking about politics at the holiday dinner table. Is talking about COVID-19 now off-limits, as well? In some families, apparently, the answer is yes. One PubSEG employee mentioned an uncle who’s been teasing her for still bringing up the virus and the precautions people can take to […]