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PubSEG Extends Disease Case Investigation Services to Public Health Departments

September 27th – Haddon Township, N.J. – Since its inception, Public Safety & Economic Growth (PubSEG) has continued to expand its range of disease case investigation services and COVID-19 contact tracing. In recent months, PubSEG has begun partnering with public health departments to assist with their disease case management efforts.

One of PubSEG’s newest clients is a county public health department in the Midwest. PubSEG is providing disease case investigation work for that county, handling all of their priority cases. PubSEG employees are tasked with following up with cases, checking on their status, offering assistance, and gathering certain demographic information.

“Local health departments have changed the way they approach COVID, but they’re obviously still looking for ways to help keep their residents safe,” says Dawn Stolte, PubSEG’s Vice President of Operations. “We always enjoy learning their specific approaches to disease case investigation and seeing how we can assist them in those efforts.”

In the case of this particular client, PubSEG is using a statewide electronic reporting system already in place. But with the launch of the groundbreaking PubSEG Portal, PubSEG will often be using its own platform to serve clients’ disease case investigation needs.

“We absolutely will be able to repeat this type of service for other public health departments, only instead of using their system, we’ll be able to use the PubSEG Portal,” Ms. Stolte says. “Every time we’ve gone on a client’s system, we’ve learned their specific challenges and practices, and we’ve used this knowledge in developing our portal. We can continue to make changes as we learn more about our clients’ needs, ensuring that the portal is always evolving.”

In addition to local governments, PubSEG’s services are available to colleges and universities, K-12 schools, businesses, and other organizations. PubSEG helps its clients quickly and efficiently monitor health records, daily screenings and surveys, symptoms, vaccination status, religious exemptions, test results, and more. The HIPAA-compliant portal allows for private, secure messaging, confidential database of cases and contacts, and long-term record storage.

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About PubSEG

Public Safety & Economic Growth (PubSEG) was founded in 2020 by Valerie Schlitt, CEO of VSA Prospecting, a nationally recognized, HIPPA-compliant call center based in southern New Jersey. As she witnessed COVID-19 impact families and friends—as well as local business communities—she immediately recognized that VSA had the skills and resources to help with contact tracing. Under Valerie’s leadership, PubSEG has continued to grow and can now provide multiple areas of disease case management for colleges and universities, K-12 schools, municipalities, and businesses across the country.


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