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PubSEG Announces Michele Plunkett as VP of Strategic Partnerships; Promotes Harley Myers to Manager of Operations

August 24th – Haddon Township, N.J. – Public Safety & Economic Growth (PubSEG) has announced two major personnel moves to correspond with the implementation of its groundbreaking new disease case management software.

The PubSEG Portal, which has been in development since the spring, will allow PubSEG employees to provide contact tracing, vaccine and booster verifications, case reporting, and multiple other disease management services for clients faster, more efficiently, and more thoroughly than previously possible.  

The fully customizable, HIPAA-compliant software will also be available for purchase as a service. 

“We conceived of this software originally to help PubSEG manage contact tracing more efficiently,” says Valerie Schlitt, who founded PubSEG in 2020 to help schools and businesses limit the spread of COVID-19. “Once we saw the final product, we realized its power. Our belief is that we have a breakthrough product that can be used by universities, K-12 schools, municipalities, and businesses for contact tracing and a variety of other disease management strategies.” 

Valerie knew she needed the right person in place to maximize the portal’s potential benefits for new and existing PubSEG clients. She turned to a familiar face to do the job, naming Michele Plunkett as VP of Strategic Partnerships.  

Michele holds the same title at VSA Prospecting, PubSEG’s parent company, where she has worked for the last 11 years, including stints as Program Manager, Director of Operations, VP of Operations and Innovation, and COO. She will devote about three-fourths of her time to PubSEG for the foreseeable future.  

“Michele has proven herself to be extremely adept at representing VSA credibly, developing strategic partnerships, and pivoting when necessary. Our strategic partners trust her,” Valerie says. “She is also knowledgeable about technology and CRMs, an extremely quick learner when it comes to new markets and offerings, and is not afraid to try new things. When we talked about the best person for promoting this software and creating strategic partnerships for PubSEG, Michele immediately came to mind.” 

Michele’s experience with understanding clients’ challenges and collaborating with them to find solutions makes her uniquely qualified for her position with PubSEG. The portal can be customized to fit a user’s specific needs, so learning as much as possible about those needs is crucial.  

“Every potential client does things a little differently than everybody else and is looking for something different from us,” Michele says. “That’s why we’re not just selling a widget, we aren’t ‘set it and forget it.’ We need to be nimble, both internally and with our clients. It’s truly about forming collaborative partnerships with our clients and making sure we’re doing everything possible to meet and beat expectations.” 

In addition to bringing on Michele, PubSEG has promoted Harley Myers to Manager of Operations. Harley was one of the first contact tracers hired at PubSEG and has performed a variety of roles since, most recently serving as a contact tracing supervisor.  

“I could probably put Harley in any position in the company and they would succeed,” says Dawn Stolte, PubSEG’s VP of Operations. “Harley is great with reporting, manipulating data, and really helping us see what goals we aren’t hitting and what benchmarks we aren’t setting. Harley’s leadership ability allows us to see problems before they happen—and to fix problems before they happen.” 

Says Harley: “When I started as a contact tracer, I had no idea I’d be where I am now, but it truly makes sense—I’ve wanted to provide my best from the day I learned of our core values, and I am deeply grateful to my upper management team for recognizing my potential and my passion for PubSEG. I am constantly impressed with all of our teams and cannot wait to see what’s next for us!” 


About PubSEG 

Public Safety & Economic Growth (PubSEG) was founded in 2020 by Valerie Schlitt, CEO of VSA Prospecting, a nationally recognized, HIPPA-compliant call center based in southern New Jersey. As she witnessed COVID-19 impact families and friends—as well as local business communities—she immediately recognized that VSA had the skills and resources to help with contact tracing. Under Valerie’s leadership, PubSEG has continued to grow and can now provide multiple areas of disease case management for colleges and universities, K-12 schools, municipalities, and businesses across the country. 



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