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New Portal will be a Gamechanger for PubSEG — and Our Clients

Since forming in 2020 in response to the COVID 19 pandemic, PubSEG has relied on the skills, dedication, and resilience of our employees to ensure clients always receive the best possible service amidst ever-changing challenges. That will never change.

But in the coming weeks, our contact tracers will have a new tool at their disposal that will allow them to perform their jobs faster, more efficiently, and more thoroughly—while at the same time making it easier for our clients to limit the spread of COVID and other diseases within their campuses, classrooms, and communities.

It’s called the PubSEG Portal, a revolutionary new disease case management software that can be used for contact tracing, vaccine and booster verification, religious exemptions, case reporting, secure messaging, alerts, and more. The fully customizable, HIPAA-compliant platform was developed over the last six months based on PubSEG employees’ firsthand experiences and observations, client input, and a wealth of healthcare knowledge. 

Despite the rapid development of the portal, it’s been a meticulous process. No detail has been ignored. 

“We had to make sure it includes everything that every client we’ve worked with has needed us to do,” says PubSEG Project Manager Lisa Dougherty, who has worked tirelessly alongside our developer on the portal. “As we learned some of our clients’ more sophisticated software, we piggybacked off of that, and we’ve developed software that’s even more sophisticated than what some of our clients were using.” 

Since its inception, PubSEG has been using a CRM developed for its parent company, VSA Prospecting. It was not an ideal system for contact tracing, but PubSEG made it work (and work well), thanks to the diligence of our leadership team. 

But the PubSEG Portal will significantly elevate our capabilities. The new software enables us to provide multiple levels of service to the universities, K-12 schools, municipalities, and companies that partner with us for their disease management needs. This in turn allows for multiple price points, making our services more affordable. 

Our clients will still have the option of having our tracers learn and work with their existing technology. But for those clients who choose to use our platform, the portal will let us handle many more cases per hour than previously possible, which will reduce the number of tracers assigned to each program—and the overall cost. 

Meanwhile, schools, businesses, and municipalities will also have the option to purchase the software itself (at a very reasonable price) and use it as part of their own disease management programs. We will train them on the platform and provide a help desk for any questions, although with how easy the portal is to use, the help desk might not be too busy. 

“This system is obviously going to help us, but it also helps our clients in so many ways,” says Director of Client Onboarding Ira Lawson. “The system is very user-friendly—easy to access, easy to utilize, easy to understand. It won’t be a burden on a person’s already busy schedule.” 

Highlights of the portal include: 

  • Intuitive scripting: Callers don’t have to worry about having the right script in front of them or losing their place; the portal automatically loads each stage of the conversation based on the requirements of that specific program. If needed, the script can appear in multiple languages. 
  • Full customization: No two clients are exactly alike, so we’ve set up the platform to deliver and gather exactly the data you need it to, from contact information to quarantine and isolation guidelines to vaccine status to whatever else you need verified. In cases of quarantine or isolation, return dates are automatically populated, so tracers never have to count days in their head.  
  • Prioritized callbacks: Tracers receive case information in the order that clients want people contacted. So if, for example, a school prioritizes calling employees before students, the portal will ensure that employee cases will be handled by the tracers first.    
  • Easier reporting: Reporting COVID cases often requires a lot of extra work, especially in places that require extensive details like Los Angeles County, where PubSEG has multiple clients. The portal allows tracers to easily gather, organize, and share the necessary data. 

These are just some of the ways the PubSEG Portal will allow us to perform disease case investigation more effectively on our clients’ behalf—or make it considerably easier for our partners to manage cases on their own. 

“Nothing else out there does all this,” says PubSEG Vice President of Operations Dawn Stolte. “There might be a couple of CRMs or EHRs geared toward COVID, but none with all the capabilities our system has. When we demoed this for a prospective client, their reaction was, ‘This is amazing.’ ” 

Finding new and more efficient ways to help our clients is nothing new for PubSEG. From the days of shutdowns and virtual classrooms, to the delta and omicron surges, to the unpredictability of the latest variants, to the emergence of monkeypox and other diseases, to whatever challenges lie ahead, we have always looked for the most effective ways to keep our clients and the people they serve healthy. 

The PubSEG Portal is just the latest—and perhaps greatest—step toward achieving that goal. 

“We’ve been problem solvers for our clients since we started,” says Harley Myers, who was recently promoted to PubSEG’s Manager of Operations. “Whether we’re adapting their processes and procedures or developing solutions internally, it’s always been about us finding ways to solve their problems and serve their needs.” 

If you’ve got a problem you’d like us to help solve—or are interested in learning more about the PubSEG Portal—give us a call at 856-240-8117 or email contact@pubseg.com. We’d love to talk about ways we could work with you.