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Are You Prepared to Cope with COVID When Students and Teachers Return in the Fall?

Over the next few weeks, K-12 students across the country (and no doubt most of their teachers) will be celebrating the end of another school year and the start of summer vacation. For college students, the rejoicing has already begun. 

It will be a while before these happy students and teachers start thinking about heading back in the fall. There’s an entire summer to enjoy first.  

But school administrators don’t have that luxury. Preparing for the start of a new school year is a full-time job—even more so when the world is still dealing with a highly contagious virus that is showing no signs of dissipating. 

Nobody knows for certain what the COVID-19 pandemic will look like come late August and early September, but it’s a safe assumption that the virus will still be very much a part of our daily lives, given the recent spike in cases, ever-emerging new variants, and dire warnings from some high-ranking health officials. 

The question is, how well-equipped will your institution be to manage the virus when students and faculty return in the fall? Consider: 

  • Do you have the resources to adequately communicate with all positive cases and symptomatic or exposed individuals? 
  • How will you make sure the right people are quarantining, and for the right amount of time? 
  • How effectively will you be able to monitor vaccination and booster statuses, or evaluate religious and medical exemption requests? 
  • What are best practices for avoiding campus-wide shutdowns? 

If you’ve been handling these tasks on your own the past few years, you know what a toll they can take on your internal staff. But having an outside contact tracing partner to alleviate these burdens can significantly ease the back-to-school transition.  

PubSEG works with K-12 schools, colleges, and universities throughout the country on all facets of pandemic management, and we’re currently talking to schools about putting programs in place for the fall.       

 At this point, you might have some questions. Such as: 

The fall semester is still three months away. Why do we need to start talking about this now? 

Launching a partnership with PubSEG is not as simple as calling us one day and having us go to work the next. We take the time to learn about your school community, your specific needs, and your existing protocols, so that we can be a true collaborative partner. Preparing in advance ensures that we’re ready to start the moment your students and faculty return. 

You said yourself that we don’t know what COVID is going to look like in the fall. How can we already begin to put a program in place? 

It’s true, we don’t know what the case numbers are going to look like in the fall. Actually, we don’t know a lot of things—the severity of future variants, the frequency of reinfections, the levels of immunity, possible new vaccine and booster recommendations, etc. With COVID, things are changing all the time. 

But PubSEG’s team has been adapting to these types of changing trends and guidelines for the last two years. We have multiple long-term clients whose needs have changed dramatically over the course of their programs. 

PubSEG has the experience, knowledge, and technology to effectively handle caseloads of virtually any size, and our flexible model allows us to scale up or down on your behalf as needed. However large or small your needs turn out to be in the fall, we’ll be able to accommodate. 

Exactly what COVID-related services do you provide?  

Whatever you need! Really, anything that fits under the umbrella of pandemic management. Don’t think of us as just contact tracers. PubSEG can help you store and document vaccination information, verify exemptions, deliver vaccine and booster guidance, prepare reports … anything we can do to ease your internal burden and help keep your campus and classrooms safe. 

If you have other questions about how we can help, please call us at 856-240-8117, or email contact@pubseg.com. Back to school may be a few months away, but it’ll be here before you know it. Let’s work together to make sure you’re prepared for whatever the future of COVID has in store.