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PubSEG Extends its COVID-Response Services to Include More Than Contact Tracing


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November 24th – Haddon Township, N.J. – Public Safety & Economic Growth (PubSEG) has expanded its COVID-19 support for schools, colleges, and universities beyond contact tracing, now also offering vaccine management, test monitoring, and religious or medical exemption processing among its slate of services.

“Schools continue to rely on us for contact tracing, but that’s not the full breadth of what we are doing for them,” says Valerie Schlitt, PubSEG’s founder and chief executive. “As protocols change and schools begin enforcing vaccine mandates and requiring testing, our role has also evolved. Schools at all levels are finding they can use us in multiple ways, and we are happy to help.”

PubSEG was established in 2020 to help schools and businesses respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The team has built a pool of more than 50 contact tracers, many from the medical, public health, and social work backgrounds. PubSEG is adept understanding our clients’ needs and becoming their supplemental, or entire contact tracing teams, allowing clients to focus on moving their institutions forward.

In recent months, schools have begun turning to PubSEG for help with ensuring that vaccine mandates are being properly adhered to, test results are being processed correctly, and religious or medical exemptions are being handled appropriately. In at least one case, PubSEG is serving as a repository for vaccine certificates.

“It’s not easy for schools to track and enforce all of the rules or to answer all of the questions students and staff might have about them, so PubSEG helps do it for them,” says Kerry Dougherty, PubSEG’s Head of Sales. “We’ve become a sort of one-stop shop for all COVID-related concerns.”

PubSEG’s specific responsibilities vary depending on individual school policies, but in each case the mission is the same: Keep the community as safe as possible by attempting to limit the spread of the virus.

“No one wants to miss class because they uploaded their second COVID test incorrectly,” said Kevin Grant, one of PubSEG’s contact tracing supervisors. “But explaining that we are doing this to keep people safe helps them understand.”

Adds Ms. Schlitt: “All of what we’re doing requires basic knowledge of what it takes to keep schools and universities safe and open. Our experienced PubSEG team is able to provide that knowledge and act accordingly.”

To see how PubSEG can help with your COVID-19 response, call us at 856-240-8117.  

About PubSEG

Public Safety & Economic Growth (PubSEG) is a consortium of three organizations with national reach that collaborated during the pandemic to support the COVID-19 response. Our joint impact is greater, partly because of the unique way our skill sets complement each other, but mainly due to the sense of commitment and responsibility we share toward COVID-19 response strategies and contact tracing. As we witnessed COVID impact our families and friends—as well as our local business communities—we immediately recognized that we each had skill sets that could be deployed to help. And, that’s what we’ve done.


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