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Our Approach

Public Safety and Economic Growth (PubSEG) is guided by the “Box It In” approach to COVID-19 response that was created by Dr. Tom Frieden, President of Resolve to Save Lives and former CDC Director. Our role at PubSEG is to support the “Find” and “Isolate” elements of the response approach through contact tracing. We provide agencies and organizations with critical COVID-19 contact tracing support, including carefully vetted staffing, training, metrics and reporting. In addition to supplying individual services, PubSEG can provide comprehensive operations management.

We understand that health departments are well versed in contact tracing, and what they need is support to quickly scale and fortify contact tracing in response to COVID-19. PubSEG excels at identifying contact tracer candidates who possess the ideal combination of empathy and interpersonal communication skills, paired with appropriate public health, nursing, clinical or social work backgrounds. 

We believe that a local focus maximizes the effectiveness of contact tracing and keeps jobs in the community. We also know the importance of ensuring that contact tracers have a keen sensitivity to diverse cultures, including economically distressed and minority communitiesthose hardest hit by COVID-19.

Box It In To get us all working again. 1 Test widely. 2 isolate all infected people. 3. find everyone who has been in contact with infected people. 4. Quarantine, all contacts isolate for 14 days
Image from Resolve to Save Lives, an Initiative of Vital Strategies. (2020, August 3). Retrieved from http://preventepidemics.org
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We are skilled partners who will seamlessly augment your team to:

  • Integrate with Health Department data systems/processes
  • Receive information on positive cases
  • Trace the contacts of positive cases
  • Operate a virtual call center
  • Deliver case management and reporting
  • Monitor test results and vaccine statuses
  • Staff and train
  • Respect and employ strict confidentiality standards

Keeping It Local

We understand that qualified local residents are more invested in the outcome of contact tracing in their community than outsiders. Local tracers build needed trust through their inherent cultural understanding of the area and ability to speak a common language. By hiring locally, health departments and organizations intentionally keep jobs in our communities. We focus on providing local contact tracers that enhance your overall ability to help those you serve.

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Who We Are

Public Safety and Economic Growth (PubSEG) was founded in 2020 by Valerie Schlitt, CEO of VSA Prospecting, a nationally recognized, HIPAA-compliant call center based in southern New Jersey. As she witnessed COVID-19 impact families and friends—as well as local business communities—she immediately recognized that VSA had the skills and resources that could be deployed to help with contact tracing.

Under Valerie’s leadership, PubSEG parlayed VSA’s 20 years of lead generation experience and healthcare industry knowledge into hiring, training, and managing stand-alone teams of qualified contact tracers dedicated to supporting the COVID response at schools and businesses across the country.

Read more about how we got here.

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Box It In To get us all working again. 1 Test widely. 2 isolate all infected people. 3. find everyone who has been in contact with infected people. 4. Quarantine, all contacts isolate for 14 days

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